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Get Out in Maine on the water, in the woods or at the altar

Let Registered Maine Guide Kristi Sarchi take you out for Maine water, woods and/or wedding adventures from the perspective of a native Mainer who grew up exploring the outdoors. 

Kristi's deep love and respect for nature and fun-loving spirit are sure to leave a lasting impression. Her early childhood did not include TV, so she spent her time exploring the outdoors. Her favorite early memories include catching frogs and searching for lines of poetry that her father painted on birch trees.


Her area of interest is getting people who are a little bit afraid of the outdoors to begin exploring at their comfort level.


It’s all good – we’ve got this!

Whether you’ve never adventured outdoors, or it’s been a long time since you’ve done this kind of thing, Kristi will make it easy and fun for you. Come learn about the great state of Maine and the importance of recreating responsibly and respectfully. You will learn about gear, safety, wildlife and more. Increase your comfort level with the outdoors through knowledge and skills building so that you can GET OUT to enjoy the beauty Maine has to offer.


Kristi provides guided days trips. If you are looking for overnight trips, challenging guided experiences, hunting or fishing she is happy to recommend guides who can support those goals.

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Our moonlit kayaking trip on the lake was a blast! Kristi had everything prepared when we got there including everything for safety and even drinks and snacks! It was really a unique experience to be on the lake during a full moon! -DH

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"I've always wanted to try paddle boarding but was nervous to do it. I am so glad my first experience was with Kristi. Her warm, friendly nature instantly made me feel at ease. She was patient and gentle, guidining me step by step until we were both out paddling away on the lake feeling the breeze and catching the sun -  such a fantastic experience with a very experienced instructor would highly recommend!"  -ZZ


I have had several wonderful pontoon cruises with Kristi on Little Sebago Lake. She knows her way around all the sand bars and islands. She is very safety conscious and knowledgeable about the lake and its wildlife. We saw loons and bald eagles. I would highly recommend her! -AG

Meet Kristi Sarchi


 "I became a guide because I wanted to inspire people, who are a little bit afraid of nature, to have an increased comfort level gained through knowledge and skills building, so that they can GET OUT there and enjoy the beauty our state has to offer. "



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