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Read what people have to say about Kristi

Cam & Dad Kayaking.jpg

"With Kristi you always have to be prepared for – an amazing experience! She is fun, super organized, well prepared and makes you feel safe in every way. She has all the equipment in great condition, so you only have to make sure to bring an adventuring spirit with you. We went paddle boarding and kayaking together at Little Sebago Lake. I tried both for the first time with Kristi, and I felt relaxed and safe, and went back many times. My absolute favorite was kayaking in a tandem kayak, on a clear night, where we saw thousands of stars (and shooting stars) and enjoyed the sounds of loons, waves and nature overall. Thank you Kristi!"-HV


"We enjoyed a very special 'Strawberry Moon' night kayak with Kristi. The boats were clean, each ready with life jacket, whistle, head lamp, lanterns and glow sticks for the front of the boat! We enjoyed watching the sun go down on shore and as the “Strawberry Moon” rose we launched for an amazing paddle! This was a memorial kayak trip for our beloved dog who passed away unexpectedly at just 2 1/2 years old. Kristi found us the perfect spot at a sand bar to gather together say cheers and enjoy fresh strawberries and a strawberry drink all together! It was a very special night that we will never forget. We felt safe, comfortable, and relaxed with our guide Kristi! Thank you!!"


“Kristi taught me how to paddle board and I have been on the lake with her several times. We started with just sitting on the board, then kneeling on the board working our way to stand. She taught me the safest way to “fall off the board” should I start to loose my balance and then how to get back up on the board! We have encountered smooth water, waves from boats and waves from wind! It’s a blast and I can’t wait to go again! We had our left vests equipped with whistles and Kristi was always close by if I needed anything!!

Thanks Kristi!”


“I asked for a special request from Kristi and she kindly obliged! It was on my bucket list to complete a very long swim of a couple miles on Little Sebago Lake. I wanted to have someone by me 'just in case' ! Kristi patiently paddled her kayak beside me. She had an extra life vest and was prepared to throw it to me or have me hold onto her kayak should I need a rest! Luckily, I did not need any lifesaving skills that day but I was sure glad she was close by 'just in case'!! Thank You, Kristi for keeping me safe!"

2009-09-19 Scott & Tena's Wedding (89).jpg

"Kristi helped make the most special day of our life even more special!! Kristi was our wedding officiant and we got married in the little gazebo at her beautiful home on the lake! She met with us a couple of times prior to the wedding to make sure our wedding vows were exactly what we wanted and that the ceremony would flow smoothly. She had an entire book of  'sample vows' and 'sample ceremonies'.  We were able to pick and choose things we liked and add in things that made our ceremony truly 'ours'! Kristi was easy to work with, fantastic with communication via e-mails, phone, and in person! Kristi had great ideas and our wedding was absolutely perfect! We are forever grateful to Kristi for making our 'Tiny Maine Wedding' the best day of our lives!! Thank you, Kristi!!"

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