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GET OUT in the Woods

"I have always loved being outdoors and find the woods to be restorative. Some of my favorite childhood memories include searching for the lines of poetry that my father had painted on birch trees around our property,  waiting for the first leaf 'the size of a kitten's ear' to know that it was time to go barefoot, and catching frogs. So many frogs!"



Are you ready to begin your guided Maine adventure? I want to help you feel comfortable outdoors from planning where to go, what to wear, and what to bring. Need a companion on local trails to make you feel more comfortable getting started? I am happy to do that!


We can read trail maps, discuss and photograph mushrooms, flowers, and animals, check out vernal pools and look for amphibians. Are you worried about poisonous plants or dangerous animals? You’ll likely be delighted to find out how little you have to worry about in the Maine woods!


Send me a message HERE and we will come up with a local day trip that works for both of us.



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